Water Fluoridation in Corvallis: This Will Change Your Life

Over seven1 states don’t require fluoridation of their drinking water supply, Oregon included. Unfortunately, Corvallis has a dirty little secret…well more like a nefarious little fact. It has been tainting our drinking supply with fluoride since the 1950s! *Gasp*

This means we are all at risk every time we sip a glass of the cool clear stuff from the tap.

Fluoride comes from fluorine, which naturally occurs in rocks, but don’t let the “natural” part lull you into accepting it. Fluorine is an ionic compound and is the single most reactive element2, according to LiveScience. 

In addition, fluorine gas is corrosive, negatively acting with organic and inorganic materials. Imagine what that same fluorine can do in the human body. 

Fluorine wasn’t even produced until World War II when it was used for the nuclear bomb project, and now we are putting it in children’s drinking water. The science even shows3 that too much fluoride in the water will do the opposite of what it is intended for, encouraging tooth decay rather than strengthening the tooth enamel.

Similar to overconsumption of sodium chloride, NaCl, or dihydrogen oxide, H2O, consuming too much could be fatal4. Why would anyone still insist on putting it in the drinking water?

Jesse Ventura, previous governor of Minnesota5, a place with lots of water, made it clear that fluoride in the water was even worse than most people anticipated. He mentions the well-known fact that Nazis used fluoride in the concentration camps’ drinking water to pacify the Jews6 and cautions Americans that the same is happening now.

Fluoride will muddle the brain and harm the innocent children. In the words of the wise Jesse Ventura7, we are all basically drinking “Prozac-water.” 

In the end, we are left with a clear-cut choice as citizens. Trust the nefarious U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and their educated ilk who tout fluoridation as one of the greatest public health achievements of the century, or trust people like Ventura who may not have a degree and may not remember their sources and may not understand much of what they say, but they stick to it through thick and thin.

1 Eight states do not require it.

2 Fluorine gas is highly reactive and dangerous. The extremely diluted liquid fluoride in our water supply is not. Comparing the two in terms of their danger to the individual is like saying that because fire comes from both dragons and lighters, both must exist.

3 2 parts per million is the cut-off for when fluoride becomes dangerous. Corvallis only gets 0.7ppm in our drinking supply, well below the dangerous range. 

4 Chemical names that appear are for common table salt and water.

5 His credentials include being a professional wrestler, talk show host, and publicist.

6 Oh wait. No, the Nazis didn’t actually do that. Shoot. That was completely debunked by multiple sources since 2011…

7 Doesn’t his name remind one of Ace Ventura, pet detective?

By Kristen Edge

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