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Do you have any art, poetry, or flash fiction lying around that you’ve been meaning to get published? Any passions or pet peeves you feel like ranting about?

Cartoons, graphics, DIY/instructional guides, adult coloring pages, short visualization or meditation scripts, mandalas, ANYTHING???

We’ll take it!

Here, you can submit pretty much whatever for a chance at publication in The Advocate’s new “Oddly Ends” section, designed as a place for fun, interactive, and insightful content that spans all categories.

So, c’mon now, show us what you’ve got, and maybe help spread the word while you’re at it.

Submission Guidelines:

  • E-mail submissions to editor@corvallisadvocate.com
  • Include name and phone number (optional)
  • If you wish for anonymous publication, please indicate
  • Upload works in JPEG form
  • Images may not exceed 2MB
  • Title documents: Last Name_Title
    ex. Brown_ LivingColor
  • Include a short bio, reason for submitting, or any useful background information in 250 characters or less (optional)
  • Get weird with it