NOW HEAR THIS: Must-See Exhibit of the Year

April marks the opening of a new exhibit from Corvallis artist, Matt Conklin, of Outpost 1000. The opening reception for “NOW HEAR THIS” will take place at the CEI Artworks Gallery at 408 SW Monroe St on April 19 from 4-8 p.m. 

Conklin is a sculptor and a painter who focuses his talents on creating wildly creative and unconventional model train layouts. He utilizes Legos, soda bottles, old toys, and a variety of other found items to create vast and incredibly detailed worlds for his model trains to travel through. Brightly painted articles from the recycle bin and cardboard buildings contribute to his work, adding to the Dr. Seuss fever dream feel of these eccentric dioramas.

Conklin has filmed several videos of his creations in action; digital stills from these videos will be the subject of the upcoming exhibit. His works are constantly changing as he builds, paints, films, and rearranges his layouts. These stills will provide an in-detail look at a moment in time of Conklin’s constantly evolving work. Those interested should seek out Conklin’s YouTube handle “railroadguy100” for a solid look at these imaginative cityscapes.

“NOW HEAR THIS” shows from Apr 19 to May 8, so there’s your timeframe to experience the work of one of Corvallis’ most exciting and innovative artists. One should note as well: Outpost 1000 at CEI Artworks is in consistent supply of exciting and innovative artwork, so pay attention.

By Jay Sharpe

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