Help Wanted, Two Reporter Positions Open

We have two new openings on our reporting staff, one for a trainee, and the other for someone experienced with city news.Details below, but a quick word about The Corvallis Advocate, first… We’re an alternative newsweekly in Corvallis, Oregon. Our team is eclectic and dedicated. Our belief is that journalism is a leadership function that can bring diverse voices to common action for the well being of the whole community.We offer deep dive investigative pieces, plenty of arts and entertainment, and an increasing diversity of  news coverage, as other local media has hollowed out as of late.

The two positions currently open:

Intern/Trainee: If you’ve been curious about journalism and want to learn the business, and would like to work with a dedicated staff in a thoughtful environment — this opportunity may be for you. Fun gig, that can make a difference in your community. Currently, extra points if you have a scientific or business background.

Experienced City Reporter: Your background should include strong city news experience, and a demonstrated ability to deliver both quickly developing pieces and longer-form definitive pieces. You must have experience with local government, law enforcement, and the courts.

This is a contract position, and it is currently part-time, and temporary. The position could become permanent, with negotiable hours, come March.

Application requirements for both positions: We can only consider applications with a work history and writing samples. Also, please let us know what you believe you can bring to the team. If interested, please email to:

** All kinds, of every sort, are welcomed and encouraged to apply.