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County Commissioner Candidates to Spar

In a vote to be tallied May 15, a single open seat on the County Board of Commissioners will be decided among six contestants, and whoever wins will join two already sitting electeds charting a course through more long-standing issues than usual. The City Club of Corvallis will host two April Town Halls featuring all the candidates.

The race is already shaping up to be unusual: all six candidates are Democrats of differing stripe and sensibility, professionally and personally. No Republicans had filed by the county deadline. Minor party or unaffiliated candidates could still file, but whoever gets the May 15 Democratic nod will likely go on to win the seat in November.

As the county’s website states, “The Board of Commissioners oversee all functions of county government services and set the budgets for the Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office. They act as executives, overseeing county operations; legislators, setting county ordinances; and also fill a quasi-judicial role in land use matters.”

Currently, in this race, voters have focused on affordable housing and livability issues. The next Commission will also grapple with multiple assessments of the county’s criminal justice infrastructure that call for sizeable investments. Add to this: planning for future economic development, growing transportation needs, emergency preparedness, and currently inadequate mental health services accessibility. All of these are issues that will come up next term, and the decisions made will affect our community for many decades to come.

Both Town Halls are free, with time reserved for public Q&A:

April 3, 2018, 6:30 p.m. at Old World Deli

April 10, 2018, 12 p.m. at the Boys & Girls Club gym in Corvallis

For more details:

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