“Chariots of Curiosity” Radio Show with Sami Al-Abdrabbuh

Sami Al-Abdrabbuh’s radio and streaming talk show “Chariots of Curiosity” invites listeners to “explore interesting ideas and stories that intrigue and fulfill our curiosities.”  

In addition to being a radio podcast host, Al-Abdrabbuh serves on the Corvallis School District board and is an Industrial Engineering Doctoral candidate at OSU, researching decision making in emergency management. He is also an instructor at OSU and serves on nonprofit boards.  

He sees curiosity as a positive motivation that encourages people to “look through the window and see what is out there, and try to understand it.”  

What is a Chariot of Curiosity?  

Al-Abdrabbuh’s goal for the show is to “Continue the very ancient journey of fulfilling humankind’s curiosity and continue to interview amazing people with great stories, ideas, and knowledge.   

“And while I am at it,” he continues, “to practice my public speaking so I have fewer umm’s and aah’s whenever I decide to run for president or something.”  

When asked how he came up with the name, Al-Abdrabbuh replies, “(It’s) inspired by the music and the story of Chariots of Fire the show starts with the Chariots of Fire theme music. It is what I first listen to when I go on a run. It is uplifting and motivating. Chariots of Curiosity helps us to go for an intellectual run to meet other people, topics, and ideas.”  

The show recently featured an interview with the volunteer organizers of the Corvallis Sewing Brigade. Another guest Al-Abdrabbuh reembers fondly was local astronomer Richard Watson, who gave a minute-by-minute walk through the total solar eclipse in 2017. Al-Abdrabbuh integrated Time by Hans Zimmer into the soundtrack. Over 20,000 listeners listened live, and the recording remains available on YouTube.  

“I usually ask people to listen to this section with their eyes closed to recall their own experience of the eclipse,” he says. “It is truly a spiritual experience – out of this world.”  

How It All Got Started  

Chariots of Curiosity originated as Al-Abdrabbuh’s KBVR radio show in 2015. Since then, he has taken some breaks from broadcasting when campaigning for public office.   

“That was out of respect to my opponent’s rights to equal-time on air,” he offers.  

Al-Abdrabbuh was first introduced to KBVR through the “Inspiration Dissemination” radio show that interviewed graduate students about their research.   

“It rekindled my passion for public speaking,” he recounts. “I am not sure how they tolerated me back then. I couldn’t resist bringing back the old days and having my own show. This time, I try to speak less and listen more to what my guests have to say.”  

Al-Abdrabbuh reminds his listeners, “My show and the opinions and views of the host and guests do not necessarily reflect, represent, or speak on behalf of the views of my employer, Orange Media Network, KBVR FM station, OSU, my public service on the school board, or other non-profit organizations I am affiliated with.”  

Tune in to “Chariots of Curiousity” on Tuesdays at 5 p.m. via the Orange Media Network or listen to KBVR at 88.7 F.M.  Recorded sessions can be found on Facebook live streams at “Chariots Of Curiosity” and ‘Sami Al-Abdrabbuh’.  

By Samantha Sied 

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